What You Need to Know About School Discipline In the Central Valley


Amir Whitaker

ACLU of Southern California

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         Amir Whitaker, ACLU Staff Attorney 

Amir is a staff attorney with the ACLU of Southern California. Prior to joining the ACLU, Amir represented students and incarcerated youth throughout Florida and Alabama for the Southern Poverty Law Center. Referred to as a "civil rights and education stalwart" by the Daytona Times, Amir has negotiated settlements and policy changes improving the lives of hundreds of thousands of children. He has worked as a researcher with the UCLA Civil Rights Project, and has written for TIME Magazine and other publications. At the ACLU, Amir is responsible for legislation focused on education equity and funding.

In this live webinar you gain valuable information about:

  • 1
    The impact of school disciplinary practices affecting students color in Central Valley school districts and schools.
  • 2
    Powerful data on the unequal and subjective application of disciplinary actions in Central Valley.  
  • 3
    What are the consequences discriminatory disciplinary practices for minority students. 
  • 4
    Plus, responses to your questions and challenges around the issues of school discipline in your district or school.  

*Important Note:  by attending this live webinar, you’ll get an opportunity to have your questions answered and also share your own insight and analysis. 

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